Anyware by MobileIron taps the cloud for EMM solution aimed at midrange companies and customers

August 27, 2013
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In some cases that is true, but in today’s interconnected world, users have access to huge databases and other information repositories.

“The reality is that mobile data is big data,” says MobileIron VP of Strategy Ojas Rege.

So with the growth in BYOD and all sorts of mobile devices having access to corporate information, security and management of how those devices can be used, has become increasingly important.

MobileIron, which specializes in mobile security and management, has just released a major new cloud-based enterprise mobility management (EMM) system for mobile devices called Anyware designed to simplify mobile security (in some cases without IT’s involvement) and privacy of personal data.

While Anyware is a system for MobileIron customers, thanks to a specific deal with every Salesforce customer can also buy Anyware to secure their apps.

"What's nice about the connection is that it gets us 100,000 potential customers we haven't really had access to," said Rege.

“What we’ve done is expand mobility management to a new audience within companies so that now not just IT, but the administrator can manage it,” Rege told TabTimes. “Expanding the number of administrators is key in midrange companies and elsewhere where IT services aren’t readily available everywhere.”

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Key features of Anyware include:

  • One-touch configuration: Log-in just once at to be fully configured
  • Personalized app and content catalogs designed to give employees everything they need to do their job
  • App ratings and recommendations that let you give and get feedback from co-workers
  • Privacy protection of personal data, especially in BYOD environments

The personalized content catalogs are an example of where managers using Anyware will be able to give access privileges to documents that typically would require IT’s involvement.

“A regional sales manager should absolutely be able to distribute these documents without waiting for IT,” says Rege. Of course, Anyware customers can customize access and distribution rights anyway they like.

Anyware is priced at $4 per device, per month. Additional software packs for more advanced content and security features are available that bump the price to $4 to $8 per user depending on what additional features are selected.


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