App developers can find the perfect revenue strategy with ADA search tool

July 26, 2013

While mobile apps do make money for developers and publishers, simply copying the success of companies like Rovio, King, or Bottle Rocket is not efficient, according to app developers like Arfan Chaudhry of Tapgage.

“Many developers stick to one monetization strategy, which is not the way to go,” Chaudhry said. “One monetization strategy may work on one app but its not guaranteed to work on all apps.”

So, the Application Developers Alliance recently launched a Monetization Tool to help developers better understand what they are looking for and how best to make that strategy work for them.

The tool enables app publishers to search and compare hundreds of advertising networks, optimization services, and analytics resources to find the right fit for their app.

Developers can also input factors like operating system, preferred ad format, and pricing model, and the tool will generate a list of companies that can build a monetization strategy around those guidelines.

“App publishers make critical decisions at every step along the development process. They consider functionality, design, and user experience, but one of the most difficult and important choices is how to monetize,” said Alliance Executive Director, Jake Ward.

What’s in the tool?

The Alliance, a coalition of more than 25,000 individual application developers and more than 100 companies, says it wanted to give developers a leg up when it came to generating revenue from their work on applications. The tool includes a database of monetization platforms and resources.

The tool came from feedback the Alliance got from developers about challenges they faced in the market and is a product of the Alliance's Business and Revenue Working Group. A white paper entitled: “App Monetization: Picking the Path to App Profitability,” helps outline the tool and how it can be used.

Developers who already have a monetization strategy in place, will want to look at the Alliance Monetization Tool as well. The database features listings of companies that can help refine a strategy and make sure it is strong enough to last a few years.

For those who are interested in finding out more, the Alliance says it will host events on app monetization in San Francisco (August 2nd), New York (September 26), and Los Angeles (October 18). Those unable to attend an event can watch a livestream of the San Francisco workshop at 2:00 PM PT (8/2).


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