App turns your iPhone into a mouse for your iPad

July 2, 2014
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While it may seem this idea is a bit too far outside the box, Tabitop is looking to leverage the advent of new Microsoft Office apps for the iPad and user’s familiarity with using a mouse on Windows PCs.

Tabimouse iPad App gives iPad users “a complete Windows 7 or 8 PC experience while using full versions of Windows-based programs, such as Microsoft Office, on their tablet,” the company said.

"The release of TabiMouse, the first external Bluetooth mouse for the iPad, is a significant game changer and enhances the productivity of the tablet," said Dale Ainge, President of Tabitop, a company focused on providing Desktop-as-a-service cloud apps to consumers.

He said Tabimouse “transforms” the iPad into a persistent, cloud-based PC providing access to all Windows-based applications and features.

Tabitop is available on a subscription basis with an introductory offer of $3.99 per month and a minimum of 35GB online storage. Tabitop also has two professional versions with additional online storage. There are also in-app purchase offers that the company says lets users customize and create their own virtual Windows PC within minutes from their iPad.


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