Xchange, a new mobile app distribution system that helps devs reach multiple app stores

February 28, 2013

appbackr announced Xchange at this week’s Mobile World Congress, billing it as the first Market Xchange designed to get mobile apps distributed to a wide swath of app stores and digital store fronts.

The Xchange uses a merit-based system (scoring each app across several criteria) designed to help stores provide better discovery and also to earn revenue through cost-per-install programs. appbackr says developers are able to optimize their reach and distribution by making their app available to be featured based on specific geographies, carrier networks and platform type.

Gerry Purdy, Principal Analyst with MobileTrax, says Xchange addresses a problem developers have reaching the growing number of app stores.

“There are literally hundreds of app stores that distribute mobile applications on a number of mobile platforms (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.) as well as pseudo platforms (e.g. Amazon’s Kindle Fire),” Purdy said in an email to clients. “There are independent stores, stores by wireless operators, stores via platforms (e.g. Google Play) and stores that are ‘walled gardens’ (e.g. Apple).”

Purdy notes that all the big app stores, including the most popular Apple’s App Store, have limitations. “It’s simple for the developer to upload into the App Store but tough to get users to download,” he notes. “Users find apps through categories and search, but there’s no way to find out which apps are most appropriate since now there are hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store.”

Trevor Cornwell, Founder & CEO of appbackr, says Xchange is his company’s “next generation approach” to optimizing revenue and discoverability of apps.

“For stores, Xchange creates a way to target exactly the right apps for their unique platform and customer set,” he added.


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