Apperian wants to make deploying mobile enterprise apps a “one-click” process

April 25, 2013

The company’s new Publishing Partner Program is designed so that IDE (integrated development environment) and MEAP (mobile enterprise application platform) vendors can integrate app management capabilities into their platforms by using Apperian’s own API. Developers can then use these platforms to publish apps to out to 50,000 workers faster with just one click from their development platform.

There are some other handy tools too; Businesses can sign or re-sign iOS and Android apps out to thousands of employees at a time or choose to push these out to individuals in certain departments, while developers that are new to Apperian (and the firm's EASE platform) can sign up for free and then test their apps for up to 50 users.

There are a number of enterprise app development platforms for Apperian EASE customers to choose from and these include Appcelerator, IBM WorkLight, Kony Solutions, Mobiquity, Xamarin and others. Apperian says that it doesn’t prefer one vendor over another – although it has detailed the advantages of each on its Publishing Partner Program web page.

These generally range from the type of developer tools used to the simplicity of putting together these custom apps (ViziApps, for instance, requires no coding experience).

“We think that this makes the whole process of making in-house enterprise app significantly easier,” said Buser.

“The seamless integration between building and deploying [enterprise apps] is something which is really important and has never been done before.”

Apperian’s EASE currently supports Android and iOS devices, although the firm told TabTimes today that Windows 8 support is on the roadmap.


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