Apple adds two-step verification for extra App Store security

March 22, 2013
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Apple joins Google, Facebook and Dropbox, among many others, that offer two step verification, or two step authentication as it's also known. 

The way it works is that users have to type in a special code, often sent via text message, to verify an account before making purchases or accessing services.

For Apple IDs, as USA Today reports, users start by registering a trusted device to receive the code.

Whenever a purchase is made from a new device — computer, smartphone or tablet — using your Apple ID, the company sends a random four-digit code users must add to complete the transaction.

The codes are sent through the Find My iPhone app or text message.

There are other examples of two-factor authentication available to iPad users. For example, Google offers a way for Gmail users to secure their email using two-factor authentication.


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