Apple and Google charge too much for tablet storage, claims watchdog

November 20, 2013

Researchers found that it costs tablet manufacturers like Apple less than £6 (approximately $10) to add an extra 16GB of tablet memory to a device, but revealed that these same makers will often charge an additional £40 to £80 to bump a 16GB model up to 32GB.  

Some vendors were worse than others in this regard, as Apple and Google charged premiums of £80 ($130) and £70 ($115) respectively for the variants on the iPad Air and Nexus 10. Amazon’s recently-launched Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 wasn’t quite so bad as the 32GB price was only £40 ($65) more expensive than the 16GB version.

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That may not sound a lot but market watchers DRAMeXchange found that a block of 16GB storage for tablets between August and October cost £5.95 on average, with Apple’s Flash memory (MLC) coming in at £5.85 in October.

Those of you looking to avoid this high costs would be well advised to opt for a tablet with a micro SD slot or alternatively turn to cloud storage solutions like Box, Dropbox or Google Drive for holding your data.

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