Apple is to blame for iOS app crashes, claim developers

July 5, 2012

Instapaper’s Marco Arment first caught sight of the issue earlier in the week, after being inundated with countless negative comments from users who had tried to download the latest update to Instapaper (version 4.2.3).

Conveying what happened via his official website, Arment revealed that users of the note-taking app had found that the app kept crashing on launch, regardless of whether they had just upgraded the app, or downloaded it for the first time.

After a few hours of down-time, the problem was then mysteriously resolved, quite possibly on the invention by those based in Cupertino.

Nonetheless, Ardent kept receiving feedback from Instapaper users that the app had not been working properly for days, and so the Instapaper founder has since listed as many as 20 affected apps suffering from similar problems, including Angry Birds Space HD Free, Huffington, Readdle Scanner Pro and GoodReader.

The Verge reports that many of these of apps fail right on launch, often with no error message.

Although most of the criticism has been aired by Instapaper’s Arment, some other developers have been vocal too, and believe that the issue may be down be Apple’s FairPlay Digital Rights Management technology, which Apple adds to each app for copyright protection.


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