Apple boss Tim Cook reckons tablets will be bigger than PCs by 2015

September 22, 2013

Following the launch of the iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S last week, Cook spoke at some length with Bloomberg BusinessWeek, tackling everything from the firm’s latest handsets and Nokia’s failure to innovate to not-so subtly questioning the quality of Google’s Android operating system.

Now, BusinessWeek has published the interview with Cook in full and it reveals just how confident the Apple CEO is on the future of tablets.

Back in February, Cook told attendees at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference that tablets would one day overcome PC sales. But when speaking with reporters for the recent interview, Steve Jobs' successor was boldly willing to put a date to that prediction.

“The tablet market in some ways is the smartphone market, just with a lot more players in it. I have always said that the tablet market was going to surpass the PC market. I was saying that well before it was viewed to be sane to say that. It's clear that we're 24 months away from that."

Cook begrudgingly admitted that the tablet market is in-part being fuelled by PC makers building low-cost Android solutions (something he branded a “defensive” move) but couldn’t resist another opportunity to ding Android tablets for poor quality and a lack of apps.

"I think if I bought [an Android tablet] and used it, and I thought that was a tablet experience, I’m not sure I would ever buy another tablet," he said.

"The responsiveness isn't there. The basic touch is really off. The app experience is a stretched-out smartphone kind of experience. It's not an optimized experience." 


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