Apple could unwrap new keyboard cover for the iPad 5, claims former employee

October 21, 2013

Jamie Ryan, who used to work in Apple's Developer Relations, claims in his blog that former colleagues have told him about a case for the full-size iPad which “mimics Microsoft’s Touch Cover”.

“I’ve been speaking to a couple of people at Apple for the last few days and they have told me that a case for the full size iPad that mimics Microsoft’s [sic] touch cover has been prototyped,” wrote Ryan.

“It’s not clear whether the process is far enough along to make this Tuesdays [sic] event but they did say a few different styles had been in testing for a while. This would certainly allow Apple to differentiate the larger iPad from its little brother and market it as the more ’pro’ of the 2”.

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Ryan stressed that his contacts had only seen prototypes (it’s not clear if his sources have any role/input in the making of the iPad or the purported cover)  but said that any such design would be because “Apple realizes the market for the large iPad is mainly professionals looking to work on it”.

Apple is hosting a media event in San Francisco tomorrow, where it is widely-expected to take the covers off the second-generation iPad mini and fifth-generation iPad. The firm also hinted at a new accessory with by using the words 'we still have a lot to cover' on the press invitation.


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