Apple developer: “An iPad stylus would open up the education market”

March 6, 2012
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"The stylus would be terrific, and it would certainly open up new opportunities for developers. For users, there has been a difficulty interacting with the iPad, using just fingertip control", said Stetler, when speaking earlier today.

"An iPad stylus would be beneficial for education apps, and would make a huge difference to 5, 6 or 8 year-old children. Ergonomically, it is difficult for them using their fingers, and it's not teaching them what teachers want them to learn – which is interacting like you would with a piece of paper."

Stetler revealed that AppMuse has been contracted for several education app projects, for both standard schooling and tutoring, and said that education establishments desire the stylus so that students can input content more easily, and so that teachers can grade work and distribute within the classroom. The AppMuse CEO added that businesses could also demand such a stylus for filling out forms.

Despite this, the AppMuse CEO recognizes that developing apps for the stylus is 'not particularly easy', even if is not 'terribly costly'.

Apple is expected to announce its latest-generation iPad in San Francisco tomorrow. The new tablet is expected to be called the iPad HD and is rumored to feature a high-resolution screen, LTE 4G connectivity, a dual-core or quad-core processor and a stylus with a heated tip for extra precision.


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