Apple faces new claims over lack of 4G for iPads in the UK

May 2, 2012

A BBC report claims that the regulator is unhappy that Apple has failed to make changes to its advertising of the new iPad, with the Cupertino company still pushing that the iPad does offer 4G connectivity, despite the fact that 4G is not supported in the United Kingdom.

Despite the promise of an investigation by the ASA, visitors to Apple’s website on Wednesday will have noted that the firm was still advertising the tablet as to being “Wi-Fi + 4G”, although small print at the bottom of the page did reveal that 4G is only available on certain mobile networks in the US and Canada.

The ASA raised the issue with Apple after receiving 40 complaints about the 4G claim, which now engulfs iPad owners in both the UK and Australia.

The reason these iPad owners are unable to pick up 4G connectivity is because the iPad’s circuitry is geared up to work on 4G networks in the US and Canada, with these networks typically running on different frequencies to those in Europe and across the rest of the world.

Furthermore, there are currently no 4G networks in the UK (although networks are expected to appear on the 800 Mhz and 2600 Mhz frequencies later in the year), while only one has been established in Australia.

In Australia, Apple promised to offer refunds to 4G iPad owners, but it is not yet known if a similar offer will come into place for iPad owners in the UK.


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