Apple forced to drop 4G claim from online iPad ads

May 14, 2012

The Cupertino company previously advertised the new iPad as to being 'WiFi + 4G', but this attracted criticism from advertising agencies in the UK and Australia. The issue centers on the fact that the new iPad is designed to run on the 4G LTE networks in the US and Canada, while the solitary 4G network in Australia runs on a different frequency, making 4G reception impossible. The UK's problems are compounded further by the fact that the country still has no 4G networks in place.

Both advertising agencies from Australia and the UK complained to Apple about this issue, and subsequently Apple has bowed to pressure, with the firm now advertising the ‘4G’ iPads as to being ‘WiFi & Cellular’ on its websites in the US, the UK and in Australia. It is not yet known if this rebranding will extend to Apple retail stores as well as third-party retailers.

Prior to this announcement, visitors to Apple’s website would find the iPad advertised as ‘WiFi + 4G’, with only small print at the bottom of the page detailing that 4G connectivity was only obtainable in certain areas.


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