Apple says iPad sales to Fortune 500 enterprise customers triple

July 24, 2012

“We estimate Fortune 500 sales of iPad more than tripled in the last year,” said Apple’s CFO Peter Oppenheimer. 

For the quarter, Apple said it sold over 17 million iPads which are now available in 97 countries. The company only recently started selling its new iPad in China following resolution of a trademark dispute. 

Oppenheimer specifically pointed to companies like British Airways, that is using the iPad to help with airport check-ins and reduce the need for paper printouts and a company in Japan that’s creating smart homes controlled by the iPad. 

Apple is also estimating that it’s doubled the number of iPhones sold to Fortune 500 companies in the past year.

Oppeheimer mentioned Pepsico as one of its showcase customers; noting the soft drink maker has developed custom apps that let it report sales to managers and drivers via the iPhone in real time to improve efficiency. 

“The iPad continues to be a great success in the U.S. education market and it’s doubling year over year to over a million," said Oppenheimer. He noted sales of the lower priced ($399) IPad 2 has proven to be particularly popular with K-12 school accounts.


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