Apple’s iPad the most desired consumer tablet but Surface and Nexus 7 lag behind

March 5, 2013
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Research firm Yankee Group recently surveyed 506 consumers intending to buy a tablet and asked which brand they would be going for.

The results weighed heavily in favor of Apple, with 47% of all respondents opting for the iPad, although no breakdown was given between the iPad and iPad mini.

Amazon took second place with 7% of the vote, followed by Samsung with 6% and HP with 3%. Dell, Sony and BlackBerry scored a measly 2% of the vote each.

Microsoft’s Surface and Google’s Nexus 7 also failed to attract consumer demand, scoring 1% of the vote each along with Acer, Asus and Motorola.

The good news for most of these vendors is almost one of four (23%) respondents said that they didn’t know which tablet they would go for.

Other surveys have indicated that Android tablets have been making ground in both the consumer and enterprise sectors, while one study from Forrester Research revealed that most IT workers would rather buy a Windows 8 tablet than an iPad.


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