Apple’s iPad still scoring in NBA despite Samsung’s $100 million deal

November 21, 2013

This appears to be the conclusion from a recent Bloomberg video interview with a company Sportstec, which provides video analysis solutions to NBA teams.

The video details that the firm equips 28 out of the 30 NBA teams with iPads – as well as the USA Men's and Women’s Olympic basketball teams – with these devices pre-loaded with software that enables coachers to analyse players, shots and other action on court.

This news will of course come as a blow to Samsung, which has reportedly agreed a $100 million partnership with the NBA to bring its TVs and tablets courtside for the next three years.

(Worth reading: Samsung reportedly signs $100 million NBA deal for TVs and tablets & Hoop Consultants powers Kobe Bryant, other basketball stars, to new heights with iPad)


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