Apple, Microsoft & Google in running to provide tablets to Turkish schools

May 20, 2013

Having held meetings with Apple in February and Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer shortly afterwards, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan supposedly met with both companies as well as Google in a recent visit to the U.S.

Anatolia News Agency reports that Erdoğan spoke with Apple officials during a tour of Silicon Valley companies, and claims that he went onto visit Google and Ballmer at Microsoft’s Bay Area outpost.

Turkey has been on something of a mission to drive tablets in education in recent times and is aiming to bring as many as 10.6 million tablets to local schoolchildren as part of its 'Fatih' project.

Vendors are invited to bid to take part in the project by May 27 and it is claimed that Apple, GM, Samsung and two Turkish companies — Arçelik and Vestel — have already done so.

There may be one caveat to the contract though – the Turkish government has previously said that these tablets have to be built in the country.

“The production of tablets should be in Turkey and the producer company should establish a research and development centre within the borders of Turkey,” said Turkey’s science and technology minister Nihat Ergun in March.

“The companies that can meet these conditions have the opportunity to take part in the project.”


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