Apple prepares for iPad HD, adds Catalogs section to App Store

March 7, 2012
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A number of apps have been moved from the Lifestyle category to Catalogs, with Catalog Spree the first app to move across, according to AppleInsider, who spotted the move late on Tuesday.

Other apps to have moved include, Saks, Toys R Us, Ikea, Nordstrom and Google Catalogs. The makers of another app, Catalogue by TheFind, also informed TabTimes of its switch from ‘Lifestyle’ to ‘Catalogs’ in the App Store, which closed down for a short time on the morning of Wednesday 7th March, probably in preparation for the new iPad.

Although it is not thought the new category has much to do with the impending iPad HD/3, it could signify a shift in consumer attitudes towards buying goods via their mobile devices.

Earlier this year, a Zmags report revealed that 4% of consumers currently shop in-app on their smartphones or tablets, with the remaining 87% doing their online shopping on a desktop or laptop.


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