Apple promos apps exclusive to iPad and iPhone

June 7, 2013
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Apple recently launched an Only on the App Store section of its online storefront that features apps “exclusively” available there.

For now at least the section is dominated by games, though you can also find some personal productivity apps like photo editors (VSCO Cam) and language translation (iTranslate Voice).

Only on the App Store is divided into three sections: New Releases, Apps and Games.

It’s not clear if the developers being featured have a contractual obligation with Apple to ‘promise’ their app is not available elsewhere to be featured in the section. But analyst and TabTimes’ columnist Ben Bajarin says that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

“There are plenty of developers that only want to be on iOS and proud to say so. Apple should have no problem identifying them,” he said.

The news comes right before Apple’s 5-day WWDC developer conference that begins Monday in San Francisco.

(App discovery will be one of the major themes at the Tablet Ecosystem conference in San Francisco on September 12). 


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