Apple receives patent for ‘stunning’ future iPhone with flexible display

March 29, 2013
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But Apple appears to be moving closer to delivering the flexible goods. The site Patently Apple spotted a patent approval for flexible displays Apple received from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

The site calls it “a stunning future iPhone with a wraparound display so that both sides of this iPhone will be able to display content either individually or as one continuous display.”

There is also a good chance this wraparound display technology will also be used in Apple’s much-rumored iWatch.

A flexible iPad?

Meanwhile, The Droid Guy speculates Apple’s flexible display technology could have a broad impact across the company’s portable device line:

“What can be seen from this flexible iPhone patent is that Apple is looking to explore more uses for its iPhone than just phone talking, movie and video viewing, and music playing. Apple at some point in the near future may be considering a multi-purpose iPhone with numerous capabilities. One iPhone may be responsible for doing all the things your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad do on a regular basis."


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