Apple to relinquish leadership of consumer tablet market by 2015?

November 2, 2011

According to eWeek Europe, analyst Jack Gold claims that Android will hold 50-percent of the market by 2014-2015, with iOS having 30-percent of the market and Microsoft's Windows overtaking RIM's QNX OS to a market share of 10-percent.

The situation is slightly different in enterprise. Gold says that Windows will come to occupy 15-percent of the market over the same time-frame, compared to 10-percent for QNX. Apple’s iOS will be the overall market leader with a 40-percent share, followed by Android with 30-percent.

“By 2014-15 we expect Android tablets to acquire a majority share of the consumer market as the number of vendors and variety of models overwhelm the iPad”, stated Gold, who was writing in a research note accompanying market research data.

“But iPad will continue to hold the largest share of the enterprise market where specialised features built into some Android tablets will be valued but which will take longer to gain share”.

Gold thinks that RIM’s QNX market will mainly come from “security conscious industries and governments (as well as being embedded in automotive and other products)”.

A small percentage of the space will be held by “primarily Linux-derived and/or HTML5-centric Oss”, like Tizen and Chrome.


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