Apple to serve up new Food and Drink category on the App Store

July 3, 2012

The developers at iCookbook told TabTimes of the news, which was also first reported by 9to5Mac and MacStories.

Apple sent out the email to relevant developers, and said that it will switch these guys over to the new category unless they decide to opt out before July 8.

Apple defines the category as to being for helping users to cook and bake, learn recipes, mix drinks, find restaurants and bars, and for finding out what their friends like to eat or drink. The category is not for dieting, grocery shopping, or any food-related games, however.

“I just saw the announcement about the new Apple iTunes Category for Food and Drink which I think is great news for iCookbook and the entire cooking, recipe app community,” said Jerry Croft, president of the cooking division at Publications International, maker of the voice-activated iCookbook iPad and iPhone apps.

“Mobile devices and cooking have always gone hand-in-hand and it is not uncommon these days to see cooks of all ages and abilities using apps as a daily part of their cooking routine.”


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