Apple’s Tim Cook: ‘iPad competitors aren’t gaining any traction’

July 24, 2012
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Asked about the impact tablet competitors have had on iPad sales Cook said it’s been minimal at best. 

“We’ve seen many different tablets, hundreds of them in the past year,” said Cook. “I’ve yet to see any really gain any real traction at all.

“We have over 225,000 apps (optimized for iPad) and customers say they aren’t looking for a tablet, they’re looking for an iPad. I think we’ll have a very strong business going forward.” 

Apple reported a record 17 million iPads were sold in its latest third quarter. But Yankee Group analyst Carl Howe said while there’s no question the iPad continues to sell well, Apple’s overall share of the tablet market has slid a bit. 

“It’s a dramatically growing market and Apple’s market share is going down, to now sub -60%,” Howe told TabTimes. “But the market is growing so fast so that unit sales are booming.” 

What about the iPad Mini?

Cook refused to speculate or address speculation about future Apple products, including reports of a lower cost “iPad Mini” reportedly due out this fall. 

“Our Northstar is to work maniacally on making the world’s best products and not deviate from that,” said Cook. “We’ve seen again and again throughout the years in these touch economic periods where we innovate it increases the gap (between Apple and the competition).” 

Cook did say Apple will continue to offer lower price points where it makes sense such as keeping older products on the market like the $399 iPad 2 and the iPhone 3GS. 


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