Apple trial reveals Samsung has sold just 1.4 million Galaxy Tabs in the U.S.

August 10, 2012
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The trial today uncovered off a number of statistics on how the Samsung smartphones and tablets relating to the patent infringement case have fared since launch.

Sales documents from the trial showed that Samsung has sold 21.25 million smartphones between June 2010 and June 2012, generating revenue of about $7.5 billion. The Galaxy S2 smartphone has been the most successful device, selling 4.1 million units and bringing in $1.85 billion in revenue.

Things were not quite as rosy on the tablet front, however. The court documents revealed that Samsung sold 1.43 million Galaxy Tab, Galaxy 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 LTE tablets, resulting in $644 million in revenue. By contrast, Apple sold 34 million iPads on revenues of $19 billion over the same period.

This news is bound to be a big blow for Samsung. The company has always decided against divulging sales figures to the media, but has been busy launching unique devices like the Galaxy Note and preparing a Windows 8 tablet in an attempt to catch Apple.

Most market researchers put Samsung as the second largest player in the tablet market, behind Apple but marginally ahead of Amazon with the Kindle Fire.


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