Apple warns former MobileMe users: We’re downgrading your free iCloud storage

September 27, 2012

Apple sent out an email on the news to iCloud users currently exceeding the allotted 5GB, but reassured these folk that will not lose any stored data. Instead, they will not be able to back-up any new apps or save documents to iCloud until they bring their account down to 5GB or less.

This downgrade comes as a result of Apple initially offering 25GB (20GB in addition to the free 5GB) of free cloud storage to former MobileMe members as an incentive to move to away from the now defunct cloud storage service.

MobileMe bit the dust in July but had previously offered iOS users up to 20GB of free cloud storage between email and iDisk before Apple introduced iCloud in June of this year.

Apple now offers 5GB of free iCloud storage on any iOS device and this includes mail, documents, photos and back-up. Photo Stream, purchased music, books or apps do not count against the storage limit, however.

Those looking for more than 5GB on iCloud will be forced to pay anywhere from $20 for 10GB up to $100 for 50GB.


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