Apple will finally launch the new iPad in China on July 20

July 10, 2012
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Tim Cook’s firm hasn’t exactly had an easy ride in China in recent times, for as well as fighting local monitor maker Proview in court, it has also been confronted by allegations of poor working conditions at the Chinese factories of Foxconn, the OEM manufacturer of the iPad.

All that said, China is transpiring to become a crucial market for Apple, with sales in the Greater China region (that’s China, Taiwan and Hong Kong) accounting for 20% ($7.9 billion) of the firm’s total revenues in the last quarter. To put that figure in further context, sales in this region were up by around 300% on a year-on-year basis.

The iPad is said to have around a 70% share of the Chinese tablet market, which while on par with the rest of the world, is quite astonishing given Apple’s recent courtroom activity.

Apple and Proview fought over the iPad trademark for the best part of two years, with the former ending up paying the financially stricken Proview $60 million so that they could use the iPad name in China.

Chinese buyers will be able to buy the iPads through Apple’s online store, authorized resellers and from one of the firm’s five retail stores in the country from the end of next week.


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