Apple will let parents get refunds on select iOS in-app purchases

June 25, 2013
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A special website was set up as a result of a class action lawsuit filed against Apple in 2011 by parents upset their children unknowingly spent money on in-app purchases on iOS devices.

As a result of the the lawsuit, Apple put new restrictions on when users have to input passwords for in-app purchases, but Apple still has to pay out money to those whose children bought virtual goods without their knowledge.

Apple will likely pay $100 million to those affected, according to The Mac Observer.

There is no list to refer to so parents have to search for the games their children bought content in before applying for the refund. Searching reveals that popular games such as Angry Birds, The Simpsons: Tapped Out and Smurf’s Village are all included in the settlement.

(Issues related to in-app purchases and app discoverability will be among the key topics discussed at the Tablet Ecosystem conference in San Francisco on September 12). 

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