Apple offers to refund Australian iPad owners over lack of 4G

March 28, 2012

The ACCC took Apple to the federal court in Melbourne for false advertising over its iPad with ‘WiFi + 4G’ promotion. There is only one 4G network in Australia and that network works on a different frequency to the 4G band required by the new iPad.

All of this has resulted in Apple’s lawyers confirming that Apple will look to clarify the device’s network capabilities by emailing customers to say that the new iPad is not compatible with Telstra’s 4G network. Apple also says that refunds will be available for those customers who feel that they have been misled by the firm's 4G promotion.

However, in true Apple fashion, company barrister Paul Anastassiou has stressed that the company is confident few customers will apply for a refund, and says that it will not be putting corrective stickers on iPad packaging, a measure sought by the ACCC.

Furthermore, the Apple counsel said that, if the case does go to a full trial, the group will contest ACCC’s claims that it misled consumers, because it says that the third-generation iPad works across other Telstra network frequencies.


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