Apple’s iOS 7 update improves Siri, but Google Now for Android better too

December 10, 2013
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Both services got a grade of C+ by testers at Piper Jaffray, which is a slight improvement for Siri after Apple's service earned a grade of "C" last year in iOS 6.

After Piper Jaffray tried 800 queries, the firm's top Apple analyst Gene Munster found that iOS 7 has improved Siri's ability to translate speech better in a noisy environment, with accuracy increasing from 83% to 94%.

Google Now's grade improved from "D-" to "C+," with major improvements in comprehension and accuracy. Google Now's ability to understand users in a noisy environment grew from 78% accuracy in December 2012 to 92% in the latest tests performed this month. 


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