Tablet apps of the Week: Digital brainstorming, organizing files, and protecting tablet passwords

February 16, 2012

YBoard for iPad

YBoard for iPad is a sticky-note app ($0.99, iTunes) that is designed to act as a business tool for mind-mapping and brain-storming as well as general note-taking and business planning.

Made by Conduce Software, the app enables users to add, move and delete sticky notes, and does a good job leveraging the touch input of the iPad. To add a note, you swipe down, to delete a note, you swipe up. There's also support for screenshots, pinch to zoom and using two fingers to move around the board.

Conduce is pushing out a few new features soon, including the ability for board collaboration or working on multiple boards.

At $0.99, this is a good value – good enough that next week TabTimes will be giving away 10 download codes for free. Stay tuned.

Astro File Manager

Do you want a way to manage all those files, pictures, videos and music on your Android device? Astro File Manager (Free, Android Market) will help you with everything from that basic file management and file and/or app backup, to booting up the task manager, assorting attachments and searching for files.

It's a useful, well laid-out tool for keeping a handle on what's stored locally on your Android tablet. 


Pearltrees (Free, iTunes) is a handy, visually-appealing app for collecting, organizing, and sharing your favorite web pages.

The beauty of the app is that web content is acessible through one free community, which can be accessed from your PC, Mac or iPad. You can also broaden your interests and discover new topics and sites by extending switching over to like-minded "pearltrees".

The app is pretty easy to set up, and is a neat way in which to pull all your favorite web pages into one space. Unfortunately, at this time, Pearltrees only seems to be available in the UK. We expect that to change soon.

Battery Boost Magic App

We’ve talked recently about ways how you can conserve your tablet’s battery life. We weren't aware of this app at the time.

Battery Boost Magic App (Free, iTunes) goes a bit further than your hardware and most other apps by offering a proper break-down of exactly how much battery you have left. For example, the app, which runs quietly in the background, will tell you that your 20% remaining battery will give you two hours of Internet WiFi or video playback, 144 hours sitting in standby or 48 minutes of satellite navigation.

The app, which now has over two million users, also maximizes the charging process, logs the charge history, offers battery and screen tips and even helps users to identify screen residue.

Passwords Plus

Passwords Plus  ($0.99, iTunes) is a handy one-stop shop for housing PINs, usernames, web logins, account numbers and any other crucial data, and offering this information across your tablet and desktop computer.

You just need one master password to enter the app, which is able to synchronize between your iOS mobile device and Windows PC using the developer's own SamePage cloud technology.

There have already been some data on the sheer number of tablet users leaving passwords locally on devices, but app developer Dataviz utilizes 256-bit encryption (used by some government agencies), allows you to generate tricky master passwords, and lets you lock the app for security purposes after a certain period of time.

Furthermore, the app will 'self-destruct' if the number of password attempts, as chosen by the user, are exceeded. The app is normally priced at $19.99 but is currently available for $0.99.


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