Tablet apps of the Week: Enhance your meetings, bend iPad files, and help for arthritis

February 10, 2012

Meeting Gold

We're not easily surprised, but Meeting Gold ($9.99, iTunes) opened our eyes. From white boards to Google Docs to email, many organizations have trouble consistently tracking meeting agendas and more importantly, follow-ups action items. To date, we've seen very few solutions that really work.

We're happy to say that Meeting Gold works. It's is a dedicated solution capable of making meetings more efficient for leaders and participants alike. Using the app, you can quickly and easily create an agenda from scratch or based on a previous meeting. 

During a meeting, you can take notes, take and insert pictures and images, create follow-up tasks (with individuals assigned to them), and more. Each type of activity (pictures, follow-ups) has its own category, which makes each individual meeting document easy to parse. The app really comes alive with groups that all have iPads; in this mode, ollaboration, note-sharing, and personal to-do lists are all enabled and easily accomplished.

If you find yourself wishing your meetings had more structure, this is a no-brainer. Even organizations and groups that only have a few iPads can benefit, thanks to the ability to email notes in MS Word format. 

FileBender – Document Viewer & File Manager

A surprisingly powerful file management app for the iPad, FileBender ($2.99, iTunes) allows you to view, organize, move, and manipulate files of all types, both on your iPad, on iCloud, Dropbox,, and Google Docs. 

What do we mean by manipulate? You can not only view PDFs, but you can annotate them. You can not only see .ZIP and .RAR archives, but you can extract files from them; and in the case of .ZIP archives, you can even compress files and folders.

FileBender even allows you to set password protection on files. 


This week, Google came through with a very polished, much-needed update to its Google+ app for Android (free, Android Market). New features include a "What's Hot" page that pulls the most popular content from your various streams and circles. You can also now view who +1'd a comment or post. More importantly, however, the performance of the app has been greatly improved, and you can now see more posts per page. 

The app has an amazing 4.5 average rating with over 110,000 votes. Unfortunately, to date, there is no iPad version of the app. 

Zimmer Arthritis 411

Tablet users need more healthcare education resources like this. Zimmer Arthritis 411 (free, iTunes) is a very helpful interactive guide that will help patients learn more about their condition as well as possible treatment, surgical procedures, and preventive measures.

The app includes interactive animations as well as sample X-rays that can be marked up for illustration. for Android Tablets

Mint's award-winning personal finance app recently received an upgrade that includes support for Honeycomb 3.x tablets.

If you do have an Android Honeycomb tablet, you get three new features and modes: an enhanced tablet-friendly overview page, tablet-optimized spending charts and graphs and an offline mode. 

The app (Android Market) is free, but you need to have established an account with the online service, which is free also. 


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