AppSense tackles BYOD conundrum with new mobile management solution

January 29, 2013
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The firm’s MobileNow product is something of a hybrid between mobile device management (MDM) and mobile app management (MAM), allowing IT departments to push business apps to corporate or personal devices, whether they are powered by iOS and Android.

The same IT departments are able to do this while enforcing corporate policies, separating in-house or third-party apps and securing email.

MobileNow can also be used to encrypt company data (either by 'wrapping' business apps or adding an authentication layer to sign in) and allows users to instantly access applications on any device they choose, a good sign in today’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) era.

 “We are at a tipping point where any-time, any-where access to corporate apps and data is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a requirement,” said Ajay Arora, CTO of Mobile at AppSense.

“Companies that embrace enterprise consumerization will fly past IT departments that don’t allow users flexibility. MobileNow frees users of corporate boundaries and enables IT to enforce the security and compliance controls they require over sensitive corporate apps and data. AppSense MobileNow delivers the best of both worlds: freedom for users and seamless control for IT.”

The cloud-based MobileNow is now available for smartphones, tablets and other devices and costs $3.50 per device each month, or $5 to each user over the same period. Interested parties can alternatively sign up for a free 30-day trial or visit the AppSense website for more details. 


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