AppSurfer now lets you try Android tablet apps before you buy

January 22, 2013
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The online demo site confirmed that it now supports tablet apps in a blog post and works by letting developers upload their app (i.e. the APK file) to the AppSurfer website.

After they've done this, the app is given its own webpage, with which users can virtually test it on a browser of any smartphone, iPad, desktop or Mac. A link to this webpage can even be shared to friends via Facebook or embedded on websites for others to test out.

AppSurfer currently supports GPS, Android phone rotation, audio output and some touchscreen controls. However, it comes minus Accelerometer and multi-touch support, as well as apps dependent on ARM native libraries, meaning some developers (who can sign up for free) may not get as much out of the website as they’d hoped.

People looking to try out some of these apps can take a look around by various sections, including 'productivity', 'education' and 'books and reference'. They can then download their chosen app from Google Play when happy with their choice.

Despite the company’s relative youth and the absence of some key features for developers, AppSurfer appears to have enjoyed a rapid growth, which is perhaps down in part to the short 15-minute refund period on Google Play.

Company co-founder Amit Yadav told reporters that site users have already run over 100,000 demo sessions, with over 4,000 developers (including Rovio, maker of Angry Birds) having signed up to the service.


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