Are iPads apps the new allowance? Study shows parents willing to dole out at least $14/month on average

March 2, 2012

A new survey shows 33% of parents in the U.S. have either bought an iPad for their kids or are willing to buy one. 

The survey of over 2,000 iYogi customers as part of a research initiative also showed these iPad-friendly parents are willing to let their kids spend an average of $14 per month on apps and use the iPad at least two hours a day. 

But that still leaves a solid majority of two thirds of parents who said no to buying an iPad. Of these, 67% said they’d rather buy their kids an computer, laptop or netbook, and, in an encouraging sign for Amazon, 26.5% said they’re ready to buy one of the online retailer giant's Kindle devices. 

Having the latest technology didn’t seem to matter to a significant 34% of those surveyed who iYogi reports are unconvinced or worried that owning an iPad will keep their children away from making more friends. Also, half of those who don’t plan to buy a tablet said they believe their kids are better off playing outdoors.

“iPad touted as the hottest gadget of the times continues to be a favorite topic of debate and discussion especially on its usefulness to children in particular and whether it is an expensive toy or possibly a nifty device which can make learning fun and interactive.,” said iYogi’s co-founder Vishal Dhar. 

iYogi Insights is a research initiative of iYogi which provides online subscription-based technical support to consumers and small businesses across a range of computer and communications devices. 


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