Atari founder Nolan Bushnell thinks tablets can cut learning time in schools

September 9, 2013
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Speaking during a keynote speech at the Campus Party Europe exhibition in London recently, Bushnell talked through his latest project – BrainRush, an educational tool which aims to teach school subjects faster than ever before – and detailed how games and tablets can cut child learning time.

"We have software right now that is teaching subjects 10 times faster than classrooms and we think once we're finished we'll be able to do four years of high school in about six months," said Bushnell in comments first reported by

"That's going to leave an awful lot of extra time for you to play games. Or learn engineering stuff, or learn entrepreneurship, or learn how to cook or learn how to do all kinds of things, because you get the academic work out of the way.”

Bushnell deems current learning methods to be far from engaging, but believes that tablets and software are about to change the game.

"Now we have Education 3.0. It's software-driven, individual and adaptive," he said.

"What's happening very quickly, all over the world, is there is a sea change in the way schools are being operated. This was sort of happening in some schools with the computer lab, but this is really the way it's happening – tablets, tablets, tablets everywhere.”


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