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Lenovo announces a slew of new Thinkpad laptops, docks, and displays

Lenovo has updated its classic ThinkPad line to include a variety of new features, and has also created new docks and displays to move towards USB-C.
avatarby David Imel1 week ago0 comments

Dell’s new XPS 15 likely features NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics and a fingerprint scanner

Dell's new XPS 15 laptop might feature a new NVIDIA GTX 1050 graphics solution alongside a plethora of top of the line hardware.
avatarby David Imel2 weeks ago0 comments

Goat Simulator goes free on iOS

Goat Simulator goes free on iOS for the first time ever, giving users the chance to wreck the kind of havoc that only a goat can.
avatarby David Imel3 weeks ago0 comments

Tablet sales fall as detachables become the next big thing

Detachable laptops are taking the place of tablets as customers start demanding functionality and portability in one place.
avatarby David ImelNovember 27, 20161 comments

Apple’s Black Friday deals are just gift cards with purchases

The Apple Black Friday sale is up now in some regions, but the Holiday Gifts page only offers gift cards with purchases on older products.
avatarby David ImelNovember 24, 20160 comments

Apple captures record 91% of global smartphone profits in Q3 of 2016

Apple has come out of it's Q2 slump, allegedly capturing an incredible 91% of global smartphone profits in Q3 of 2016.
avatarby David ImelNovember 23, 20160 comments

Eve V is the crowdfunded Surface competitor to beat

The newest components and latest ports make the Eve V a top of the line laptop.
avatarby David ImelNovember 22, 20160 comments
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