Bad news IT managers – a third of all smartphones and tablets will be in enterprise by 2018

November 21, 2013

The figure – which represents over a third (35%) of the total installed base of consumer-owned tablets and smartphones –comes courtesy of the research firm’s latest report on BYOD, which also had a word of warning for IT managers.

Researchers note that this influx of devices will mean that a number of issues and implications will need addressing, and warned that a single policy – as is currently the norm as far as BYOD is concerned – may not be sufficient.

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One of the concerns raised was the prospect of losing sensitive data although the analysts did also admit that the devices will most likely enhance employee satisfaction and productivity.

This may sound all rather daunting for chief information officers but it also represents an opportunity for security IT vendors. Juniper expects more than half of all mobile devices in the U.S. to have security apps installed by the end of 2018 and believes that this will result in a big spike in revenues for security software makers.


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