Most tablet vendors have apparently ditched Windows RT

June 20, 2013

Citing sources in Taiwan’s supply chain, news website Digitimes claims that “most brand vendors have already stopped developing related products” and says that Microsoft’s second-generation Surface RT remains the only new Windows RT tablet set to come to market.

The website even compared it to webOS, the Palm operating system which was sold to HP and then made open-source last year.

Windows RT has had a troublesome start since launching last October, especially when it comes to tablets.

Microsoft’s own Surface RT has struggled for sales, while Samsung’s Ativ Tab was only launched in certain regions and is apparently unlikely to be followed by a successor anytime soon. HTC and Nokia have also previously had plans to release Windows RT tablets but are yet to do so.

Some analysts have since called for Microsoft to kill Windows RT in order to concentrate on Windows 8 but there may yet be some light at the end of the tunnel for the ARM-powered version of Windows 8.

Dell is rumoured to be working on a new Windows RT tablet to follow up the XPS 10 while Microsoft looks almost certain to follow up on that model with an 8-inch device at some point this month, possibly with LTE support.

Microsoft also recently confirmed that Outlook will come to Windows RT devices and said that a free version of Microsoft Office will be pre-loaded on smaller tablets.


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