Barnes & Noble discounts 8GB and 16GB Nook Tablets

August 13, 2012
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The 16GB Nook Tablet has been discounted to $199 from $249, while the 8GB edition is now $20 cheaper at $179. The Nook Color has also been cut $20 to $149.

The new prices went live yesterday and could indicate that Barnes & Noble is preparing to launch a new tablet, which is reckoned to have a ‘revolutionary screen’. The tablet will most likely run a version of Android, although Microsoft's recent investment in the Nook division could fuel rumors of a Windows 8 model.

Amazon is also reportedly looking to launch the next Kindle Fire later this month. This will certainly be of concern to B&N, which was forced to introduce a cheaper 8GB version of the Nook Tablet to better compete with Amazon's tablet.

And although Amazon is the bigger player in the tablet market, both companies are fierce rivals in the U.S. eBook space. Barnes & Noble claims to hold a 27% of the U.S. eBook market, while Jeff Bezos' firm is reckoned to account for 60% of eBook and eReader sales.


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