Barnes & Noble readies new tablet with ‘revolutionary screen’

July 18, 2012

The 7-inch tablet market has to date relied on pricing as its main selling point, but with Amazon (with the Kindle Fire) and Google (with the Nexus 7) slightly changing that model since the turn of the year, it would seem that Barnes & Noble isn’t willing to be left behind.

Citing a ‘credible source’ with links to the digital bookstore company, CNET reports that the next B&N tablet will feature “revolutionary screen technology”, with the same source indicating that the technology was developed in-house with help from an external company.

Details on the specifications or availability of the new tablet were scarce, although the source did go onto indicate that the tablet will be thinner than the current Nook Tablet, and will have more media options than the current model, features which would make this tablet a strong rival to the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7. CNET expects the tablet to debut around October.

On the display side of things, the claim that the B&N tablet will have never before seen display technology would almost certainly rule out the presence of an OLED display, with this technology – which offers better contrast, deeper blacks and brighter colors – already present on a handful of flat-screen TVs. Other technologies like the Pixel Qi transflective display technology are not yet ready for the mainstream.

Given Microsoft’s recent investment in B&N, it is also possible that this tablet could feature Xbox Live streaming capabilities, although the chance of it running Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8, looks low.

Prior to the launch of Microsoft's Surface tablet, there had been talk that Barnes & Noble was going to make a Windows 8 tablet for the Redmond software giant.


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