The 10 best Android fighting games that will get your blood flowing

March 25, 2014
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Sometimes if you want to make an omelette you have to break a few faces. And where better to do that than in fighting games?

Here are some of the better Android eggs on the market to help you work off some steam.

Street Fighting: Ragdoll Game

street fighting ragdoll game screen

Ragdoll fighting games are so much fun because they’re so ridiculous, but does all that flopping and flailing take on a tougher edge when it happens out on the street? Nope, it’s still goofy. But goofy is good, and with multiple levels, upgradeable skills and a “cool underground atmosphere,” Street Fighting: Ragdoll Game lets you keep it street without having to actually go outside. (It’s dangerous out there, you know.)

Kung Fu Do Fighting

kung fu do fighting screen

Kung Fu Do Fighting isn’t the newest game on the list but it looks like Street Fighter and that’s good enough for me. Some days you just want to lay an old-school beatdown on people. 16-bit hadouken 4 life!


soulcalibur screen

At $13.99, this is one of the higher-priced games you’ll run into on Google Play. But it’s also Soulcalibur, with the original battle mode from the classic arcade version of the game, plus a Time Attack mode, two Survival modes, a practice option and even a museum with a variety of artwork on display. The game offers a roster of 19 playable characters and a virtual D-pad faithfully reproduced to capture that old-time fighter feeling. If you’re serious about fighting games, don’t miss this one

Real Boxing

real boxing screen

The Unreal Engine-powered Real Boxing brings an impressive visual fidelity to the ring, and some impressive gameplay too. The career mode offers three belts to earn over more than 30 fights against unique, adaptive opponents, and when that’s taken care of you can bet on your fighter with virtual currency in the real-time multiplayer mode. It’s more fun than getting punched in the face!

Real Steel World Robot Boxing

real steel world robot boxing screen_0

The great thing about robot fighting games is that you can punch your opponent’s head off or rip his arm out of his socket and pummel him with it, and everybody will think it’s cool. Try that with a person some time and see what it gets you. Anyway, Real Steel World Robot Boxing is the sequel to Real Steel, the game based on the not-quite-a-hit 2011 movie. Take 24 customizable machines including Zeus and Twin Cities to ten different arenas and square off in Championship fights, Time Attacks, Daily Exhibitions and Free Sparring matches. The feel of steel is real! Yeah, I just made that up.

Final Fight

final fight screen

A side-scrolling fighter that mixes a little bit of Street Fighter with a little bit of King of Fighters, Final Fight is fine old-school action. The game features ten unique skills and more than 100 levels, with smooth, flowing moves, massive combos, a “rage system” and hundreds of true-to-life sound effects.

Fighting Tiger – Liberal

fighting tiger - liberal screen

I’m not really sure about the title, I suspect it might be something of a mistranslation, but Fighting Tiger – Liberal scores points for being a full-3D third-person arena fighter. Roam free, punch, kick, throw, dodge, defend, fight multiple enemies at once, use weapons and even set bad guys on fire as you deliver a very important message to the criminal underworld: Stay away from your girl!

Fists for Fighting

fists for fighting screen

Fists for Fighting: It’s what you do when you forget your Uzi in your other pants. It’s also the title of a 3D boxing game that pits ten fighters from around the world against each other in one of four different arenas. It boasts fast-paced gameplay and face-crunching combos, all tied together with a “comic-style” narrative that gives these multinational beatdowns context and emotional resonance – or at the very least, serves as an excuse to hit people really hard.

Bluest – Fight For Freedom

bluest - fight for freedom screen

Fight For Freedom – Another side-scroller in which you lay the smackdown on legions of enemies, but a very different game, too – this one is all about combos and speed . Use ranged or lunge attacks, strike from the air and unleash massive linked combos to bring down the pain on your foes! With a huge number of stages and techniques plus a relentlessly Japanese style, Bluest may be one of the more unusual titles on the list but still isn’t one to be missed.

Hockey Fight Pro

hockey fight pro screen

As a Canadian, I am obligated to add Hockey Fight Pro to this list. It’s not an officially licensed NHL product, although some of the logos come awfully close to those of real teams, but that’s okay because we’re not here to play hockey: We’re here to grab a guy’s jersey and wail on his head until he’s kissing ice. Hockey Fight Pro offers Quick Fight and Tournament modes, customizable characters, 14 achievements and more. And the best thing is, you don’t have to worry about a hockey game breaking out!


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