4 best Android tablet lock screen apps

May 7, 2014

Developers have created excellent apps for getting a quick preview of email, appointments, calendar entries, or project lists.

Additionally, several aesthetic options make for a personalized experience that power users will enjoy. Check out the following choices from the Google Play Store to put your Android tablet to work.


If there is one top choice for customizing the lock screen, then make it DashClock. It places a widget on the lock screen that will preview Gmail, Calendar, Messages, and other items. However, several other developers have built extensions for DashClock, enabling you to put contextual information about a much wider variety of apps. Keep tabs on Hangouts conversations or specific files from cloud storage services.

NiLS Notifications Lock Screen

NiLS is another great option for power users. It supports any app that provides push notifications, putting what you want to see on the lock screen. This allows you to build a customized list of at-a-glance information that you can see without needing to unlock your tablet. Change the font sizes, color schemes or other choices to give it the look and functionality that works best.

Google Now Launcher

If you are running a Nexus tablet or Google Play Edition then using the Google Now launcher may be the optimal choice. It allows for lock screen widgets, which are supported by many different Google and third-party apps. For example, put Evernote files or a Google Keep list right on the lock screen, which can make getting to the right information much faster.

KK Launcher

KK Launcher is for those who want the Kit Kat experience on a device that does not support the Google Now Launcher. It is designed to give the stock Android experience, supporting lock screen widgets.

Once you are past the lock screen it puts Google Now one right-swipe from the home screen, which is becoming increasingly useful as it pulls in calendar data, to-dos, reminders, and even remembers where you parked your car.

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