The 8 best apps for tablet security

April 28, 2012

Kaspersky Tablet Security


Kaspersky Tablet Security uses the same underlying anti-virus technology as Kaspersky Mobile Security 9, and promises to scan your Android tablet on demand, offer real-time virus checks on apps, downloads and any attachments via email or instant messaging. The app is optimized for touch-screen Honeycomb (Android 3.0) tablets, and omits phone-centric features like the blocking of unwanted phone calls and text messages.

Avast! Mobile Security for Android


Avast! Mobile Security is a highly-rated Android anti-virus app, which works on smartphones and tablets. The app is free, and offers automatic scans on all kinds of Trojan and spyware viruses, plus it promises to scan web links, and hide anti-theft plugins, in the event that the device goes missing. There’s also a firewall component, but this only works when the device is rooted. Bear in mind that the anti-thief tools won’t work on tablets without a SIM card.



Norton Tablet Security


Norton Tablet Security is one of the best security apps out there for Android tablets, and has a brilliant feature for users to even get a “Sneak Peak” photo of who has stolen their device. This photo is then uploaded to the anti-theft website, which stores the most recent photos from the slate. Other features include the ability to remotely lock a lost or stolen device online, add a default or custom “device lost” message to the lock-screen, and even track the tablet to its most recent location. Furthermore, there’s an anti-malware feature to automatically scan all apps and the SD card for threats, while Norton’s Safe Web technology readily alerts users on fraudulent websites. The app is now available for $29.99.






1Password is a pretty straightforward app, but well worth a download at $9.99. Put simply, this Android and iPad-supporting app allows Windows and Apple PC users to employ one master password to secure all your passwords on one 1Password user account. Users can also sync their 1Password database between devices, using WiFi or Dropbox. If that’s not enough for you, you can always upgrade to 1Password Pro – which offers to safely auto fill passwords to all the web sites you visit.



McAfee Family Protection


This iPhone and iPad app (versions 1 and 2) is pretty useful for those parents wanting to make sure their kids don’t visit dubious website. The app reports blocked URLs, and allow parents to manipulate the approved website list. It costs $19.99. Alternative: WebRoot SecureWeb Browser.



Lookout Security & AntiVirus


Available for free as part of a trial, Lookout Security & Antivirus offers a nice mix of features, including the scanning each app for malware, spyware and Trojans, the scheduling of regular anti-virus scans, and the ability to locate a lost device via GPS. Users can also try and find the device by activating an alarm. Owners can locate their Android smartphone or tablet from, which can also be used to back-up and restore contact information. Meanwhile, Lookout Premium offers safe browsing, remote lock and wipe functionality, and greater tools for backing up photos.





GadgetTrak is a fantastic app in the unfortunate case that your iPad goes missing. The app costs $3.99, and remotely captures a photo of who has your iPad using the built-in cameras. You can then email the picture to yourself, while there are also tools to send a discrete message to your device.



eWallet Password Manager


eWallet is another password manager – this time for the iPad, but one which promises 256-bit AES encryption, secure storage for passwords, usernames and PIN numbers and a time-out lock that keeps data safe. There’s also an automatic password generator, the ability to synchronize with the PC or Mac version, and a feature which offers live URLs to your favorite websites – meaning you eradicate the dangers of phishing emails or typing emails taking you elsewhere. The app costs $9.99, but that does give you access on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.






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