5 best iPad apps for medical and health care

January 1, 2014

While much medical and health information can be found through a Google search, it is often more convenient and resourceful to have such information more organized within an iPad app. These choices make it easy to bring your iPad to medical appointments or to use as a resource for health advice.

Human Anatomy Atlas


Human Anatomy Atlas is a comprehensive look inside the human body. It has stunning visuals and very specific details about human anatomy. It is ideal for someone who either wants to learn more about how the body works or needs a guide for researching a medical issue.



Trying to pull together health records from various medical offices can be a nightmare. Taking ownership of your own records is achievable with the excellent Healthspek app. It provides a highly visual interface for organizing medications, past visits, and key reminders.



Omnio takes much of the hassle out of looking up clinical terminology or general health information. It serves as a useful database for navigating the sometimes confusing world of healthcare information. While the app is primarily built for healthcare professionals, it is very helpful for patients who want to stay informed.



While the phrase “have you taken your meds today?” has become a witty retort to someone in a bad mood, the question is not without merit. Pillboxie seeks to make keeping track of one’s daily intake easier by creating a virtual medicine cabinet on your iPad. You can also rate how it made you feel to give more accurate information for the next doctor visit.



WebMD for iPad pulls in a vast amount of useful information from one of the world’s most popular health and wellness websites. It has excellent information for casual health questions or for more detailed medical issues. Create custom lists of treatments or medicine to access for later without the need to begin a new search.



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