10 best iPad apps for personal productivity

December 27, 2013

Developers are continuing to think of new and creative ways to help users be more productive using the iPad. Whether it is organizing one’s day or securing passwords, these apps for personal productivity should make the things you want to get done easier.



Morning is like your personal guide to starting the day. It has a colorful interface with calendar updates, news, weather, and to-do items. While other apps may offer more utility for such specific tasks, Morning makes for an attractive, all-in-one application.



If you want to be able to access any key files from your iPad, get Dropbox. It offers a complete and simple solution for syncing files to the cloud. Given Apple’s limitations in the email app, this is also the best way to send someone an attachment from your iPad.



Many swear by Evernote as the core to their personal productivity strategy. It is still the best solution for anyone looking to take their life paperless. Use the Evernote app to scan files and pictures so you can ditch the paper copies.



The Notes application that ships with the iPad is sufficient, but Simplenote offers a more cross-platform solution, enabling you to get the same notes across the desktop and Android devices. Its black and white interface is certainly simple, but often the most minimal solution is the best one.

Screens VCN


There are plenty of applications that can let you connect to your Mac or PC from the iPad. Screens VCN is an interesting solution as the interface is rather user-friendly. It also is built for iOS 7, taking advantage of the design cues from this version of Apple’s mobile operating system.t



Mailbox takes a mobile-first approach to email, allowing you to triage your inbox through simple swipes with the goal of achieving the elusive “Inbox Zero.” Mailbox recently fulfilled a promise to expand beyond Gmail, now working with iCloud and Yahoo mail accounts.



Clear is the first to-do tool that makes optimal use of gestures and swipes. The iPad app is an elegant, full-screen solution for organizing things that need to get done. Sync it up with the Mac version for an even more seamless experience.

Air Display

air display

The iPad can be the ideal second screen when working with a laptop or desktop computer. Air Display 2 does an excellent job at creating a user-friendly setup to mirror or extend your Mac desktop across to the iPad. It uses Apple’s built-in AirPlay technology to make this a simple solution.



Notability remains one of the best note-taking applications on the iPad. Import images or use a stylus to create hand-written notes from among a variety of templates. The word processor has a substantive number of features that make it suitable for typing with the virtual keyboard also.



Thinkderdeck was a 2013 Tabby Awards winner for its simple, yet effective, approach at organizing one’s notes through a series of mock note cards. Write out notes on the cards and then rearrange them as needed for further organization. The app also uses iCloud to sync one’s notes across iOS devices.


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