5 best iPad apps for photos and video

January 4, 2014

The iPad has a massive collection of apps that will turn your photos and videos into dazzling creations. Among the many excellent choices are the following five apps that are both powerful and fairly easy to get started with.

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Apple’s powerful movie-making suite makes it very simple for anyone to throw together a solid looking movie from their iPad. The app got a redesign with iOS 7 that makes it more pleasurable to use, with many of the options easier to discover.



Magisto is another fun and easy way to create movies on your iPad. Just choose photos, add music, and you have a short movie that can be shared with others. If you like what you see consider subscription options which bring more pro-style editing features.

Photo Editor by Aviary

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Aviary is another strong choice in the photo editing department for how quick it is to apply filters and reconfigure the look of an image. Swipe through your photos and then pick one to start editing. Given its price tag (free), it is also a good place to start if this is your first foray into mobile photo editing. There are plenty of in-app upgrades for more enhanced effects if Aviary is to your liking.

Adobe Photoshop Touch


Adobe has built an impressive tablet version of its Photoshop software with PhotoShop Touch. The lasso and other familiar Photoshop tools are here and reimagined for a touch interface. Considering what Photoshop will let you do and its desktop software’s cost, $9.99 is a bargain for this much editing power.


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