Best iPad apps: Tabby Awards 2014 Winners and Users’ Choice

August 6, 2014

Here are the Winners, as selected by an independent judging panel, and the Users’ Choice, as voted by app users, in iPad app categories in the Tabby Awards 2014 competition:

1) Books & Reference: Robots for iPad

Tabby Awards Winner in Books & Reference. The Tabby Awards judges said: “Fascinating subject. Really fun, unique, interesting. Great way to let people explore and interact with lots of types robots. A fantastic app that brings this fascinating subject alive and perfect for both kids and adults.”

2) Books & Reference: Kobo Books

Tabby Awards Users’ Choice in Books & Reference. Browse more than 3.5 million free and affordable titles in the Kobo Store, including bestsellers, award winners, new releases, classics, and hidden gems.

3) Education / Adults, professionals and general: Star Walk HD

Tabby Awards winner in Education / Adults, professionals and general. The Tabby Awards judges said: “The overlay of the stars with the real sky is amazingly well done. A great learning tool. Endlessly fascinating. I had a hard time putting this app down. What an instructional resource for people of all ages.”

4) Education / Adults, professionals and general: Rosetta Course

Tabby Awards Users’ Choice in Education / Adults, professionals and general. With the Rosetta Course app, you’ll learn without translation using the Dynamic Immersion method.

5) Entertainment: Disney Animated

Tabby Awards Winner and Users’ Choice in Entertainment. The Tabby Awards judges said: “A terrific app! From character design and storyboarding, to the history of animation and Disney Studios, this app touches on it all. A unique, visually beautiful, fun and playful way to present the content, which is just so rich. Made for people who love animation and the history of the medium. A cool, beautiful app.”

6) Health & Fitness: Fit Brains Trainer

Tabby Awards Winner and Users’ Choice in Health & Fitness. the The Tabby Awards judges said: “A good game that really helps keep your mind sharp. A very well done and intriguing app, and strangely fun as well. Certainly challenging the higher levels you go. It’s really good, and could be extremely handy.

7) Kids & Family: Endless Alphabet

Tabby Awards Winner in Kids & Family. The Tabby Awards judges said: “Everything about it is just about perfect. An amazing interface. The design of each lesson is very well thought out. The animations and sounds are absolutely delightful. Learning disguised as fun. One of the best apps for kids.“

8) Kids & Family: LetterSchool

Tabby Awards Users’ Choice in Kids & Family. An intuitive game to learn all about letters and numbers: writing, counting, phonics and more.

9) Lifestyle: Makr

Tabby Awards Winner in Lifestyle. The Tabby Awards judges said: “The app offers any user so many fun and interesting ways to play with designing simple correspondence pieces. The colors are great, the photography creatively shows ways to use the cards. Photos are sharp, clear, have great content. Fun, fresh, crisp and beautiful. Highly enjoyable to use!”

10) Lifestyle: Stylebook

Tabby Awards Users’ Choice in Lifestyle. A closet assistant which helps you curate your closet and get more out of what you own.

11) Magazines: National Geographic Magazine

Tabby Awards Winner and Users’ Choice in Magazines. The Tabby Awards judges said: “A superb app. Joyful content. Great use of videos and user interactions. The photography throughout is phenomenal. The facts and info fascinating and in “just right” quantities. The absolute best magazine app and the model to which all other apps might aspire.”

12) Medical: Unbound Medline

Tabby Awards Winner in Medical. The Tabby Awards judges said: “A well designed reader for medical journals. The navigation is easy and very useful. Every article can be downloaded in its original version, as well a PDF. A great knowledge base when doing research.”

13) Medical: Rain, Rain

Tabby Awards Users’ Choice in Medical. Trouble sleeping? Rain, Rain helps you fall asleep fast! Let 49 high-quality endless sounds lull you to sleep in no time.

14) Personal Finance: HL Live for iPad

Tabby Awards Winner in Personal Finance. The Tabby Awards judges said: “A solid app for tracking the stock market. Contains a lot of information and good tools to help manage shares and funds. Clean, slick design coupled with simple controls to execute trades. A useful hub to manage and research personal investment on the go.”

15) Personal Finance: Morningstar for iPad

Tabby Awards Users’ Choice in Personal Finance. Research thousands of stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds; build a library of investment ideas; and drill down into proprietary Morningstar ratings and Analyst Reports.

16) Personal Productivity: Flowboard

Tabby Awards Winner in Personal Productivity. The Tabby Awards judges said: “Good app that gets you up and running on the iPad quickly for making a presentation. Great for people that want to share something in a presentation. I used this app in our planning meeting and worked like a charm. Neat and simple to use. Really innovative and exciting.”

17) Personal Productivity: DocuSign

Tabby Awards Users’ Choice in Personal Productivity. DocuSign provides a simple and secure way to electronically sign documents and collect signatures from others.

18) Photo, Video & Music: Storehouse

Tabby Awards Winner in Photo, Video & Music. The Tabby Awards judges said: “Really easy way to let people tell and share the stories. A great app–very thoughtful, tasteful and generous to all writers and artists who wish to go public with their stories. Very easy to use and the animations are so nice. High utility for those wanting to maintain a travel blog. Very innovative.”

19) Photo, Video & Music: RealPlayer Cloud

Tabby Awards Users’ Choice in Photo, Video & Music. Watch, store and share your videos – anytime, anywhere.

20) Social: Bria iPad Edition

Tabby Awards Winner and Users’ Choice in Social. The Tabby Awards judges said: “This app is pretty awesome. I was able to make phone calls right on my tablet and the sound quality was pretty amazing. A great solution for users looking to ditch their mobile phone and use their iPad instead! Top-notch app!”

21) Sports: theScore

Tabby Awards Winners and Users’ Choice in Sports. The Tabby Awards judges said: “Great aggregator of sports data. Slick layout. This app is a pretty awesome way to keep track of all of your favorite sports teams. Cool and highly intuitive. Easily customizable to the needs of the individual users. A must have for sports fanatics.”

22) Travel, Navigation, Local & Weather

The Tabby Awards judges said: “A great tool for booking hotels around the world. Smart filters help you zero in on just the place you are looking for and the number of choices available are extensive yet easy to sort. The maps, the ways to search, the ability to draw in a specified search area are all very handy. Very clean, polished and responsive. I will plan to use this on my next trip.”

23) Utilities & Tools: Wake Alarm Clock

Tabby Awards Winner in Utilities & Tools. The Tabby Awards judges said: “This app is nearly perfect in every way. The use of touch is fabulous. The ability to connect an alarm to a song is a huge differentiator. Stylish and nicely designed. A must-have app.”

24) Utilities & Tools:

Tabby Awards Users’ Choice in Utilities & Tools. The most accurate real estate app for homes for sale and apartments for rent.
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