The 6 best iPad presentation apps

March 24, 2012

From established classics to innovative upstart apps, TabTimes selects the finest iPad apps for creating, modifying, and/or presenting your deck. Boardroom execs, salespeople, and even teachers are all welcome here.



SlideShark is a fantastic (and free) application which allows iPad users to show and control their PowerPoint presentations. As to be expected, there are slide controls for going forward, backward, and bringing up the slide order. Newer options enable the user to change the slide order, find files quickly and share presentations via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email. Uploading PowerPoint files is easy enough on a laptop or desktop computer, and the sync up to the iPad is pretty much instantaneous. Other nice features of SlideShark are the presentation pointer and the auto-play feature.


Xavier Presentations for iPad


Xavier is a newer app – it was only launched in December 2011. The app is unique in that allows one or more users to be the ‘master’ of a meeting. He or she can then share presentations built in Xavier, or imported from PowerPoint or Keynote (via iTunes), to as many as 24 other iPad users over WiFi. Users can manage their documents in the top left hand-corner, see how many people are present in a meeting, and–quite impressively–view and send submitted form results in an email or directly to a company’s software CRM for processing.




Everyone who has used Keynote loves it, and it’s easy to see why. The app offers a visually appeasing layout and is very simple to use, enabling all users from all walks of life to easily edit the presentation order, copy, edit or rotate objects within a presentation, and change color schemes. Working with Keynote or PowerPoint files, users can select from presentation templates, fix data in charts, embed images and even export presentations in a PDF format. Keynote is one of the most expensive apps at $9.99, but is certainly the most easy and attractive to use.


Power Presenter


Power Presenter is a useful presentation tool, and it’s affordable at $1.99. The iPad app allows users to display local PDFs and web URLs or simply draw on the screen, using the whiteboard function. Using the web, users can show HTML, PDFs and PowerPoint presentations, as well as Word documents, and iWork files. This is a reliable and feature-rich app for those not looking to spend a lot of money.


2Screens Presentation Expert


2Screens Presentation Expert has a nice array of presenting tools, including an an integrated web browser and whiteboard as well as support for Dropbox SugarSync, iDisk and Box. You can stream your iPad to a TV or projector using AirPlay or make notes on the whiteboard or presentation files. 2Screens works with PDFs, all kinds of images, Keynote/PPT decks, and spreadsheets. It also supports audio and video. Users can also take notes during presentations, and – via an in-app purchase – replicate the iPad screen to multiple audience browsers using the “AirShow” feature.


Quickoffice ProHD for iPad


Quickoffice Pro HD for iPad is the most expensive app out of the lot at $19.99, but it does have a whole host of crucial office features. The app brings the basic document, presentation and slideshow functions you’d expect from a mobile office suite, but offers wide-spanning compatibility and cloud services (Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote, SugarSync, MobileMe, among others). The app allows you to push presentations to your PC by keying in the supplied IP address, and then uploading these files over a web interface. It’s also compatible with iOS’ AirPrint function.



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