6 best iPad email apps when you need more than what comes standard

April 2, 2014

The stock mail app on the iPad may look great and do the job, but power users sometimes need more. Consider these choices for better integration with Exchange, Gmail, or other top email services.




If you are looking to combine email accounts from several different services then CloudMagic is the best choice. It has lightning-fast search for each inbox, which is far more effective for finding the right message than digging through email folders. The app recently added cards, which allow you to save a message to a variety of cloud services, such as Evernote or Pocket.



When we last visited this topic, Mailbox was iPhone only. Since then the company has created a strong iPad app that applies the method of swiping through messages in order to achieve the elusive Inbox Zero. Unfortunately it still only works with Gmail and iCloud accounts.




Boxer is another good choice for those trying to consolidate email from multiple providers. It has good organizational capabilities, allowing you to quickly move around messages and switch between various accounts.



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MailDeck offers a lot of flexibility, with three different choices for home screen layouts. It also has appealing visual effects, such as confetti-like explosion when deleting a message. The app is free; a $4.99 annual subscription gets rid of advertisements and the capability to get Exchange email.

Mail+ for Outlook


If Microsoft were ever to introduce an Outlook app it should take cues from Mail+ for Outlook. It integrates the core pieces of Microsoft’s Exchange service into the app, such as calendar, contacts, tasks, and of course messages synced with your corporate account.


Inbox Pro, Outlook Edition


Another good entry for corporate email, Inbox Pro syncs up very quickly with Exchange accounts and offers a focused email experience. It is not as feature rich as other choices but it offers a clean look integrates well with Exchange servers.



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