10 best iPad task managers

August 13, 2012

Keep your task list on track with one of these iPad to-do lists.

Remember the Milk

Remember The Milk_0

Remember the Milk’s powerful web-based to-do app is available on the iPad. Flexible reminder options include alerts via email, SMS, or instant messenger. The iOS version of RTM syncs automatically, and location-based features take advantage of iOS Location Services to alert you to tasks that can be completed nearby.




Followers of David Allen’s Getting Things Done productivity method will find lots to love about Omnifocus. But even if you’re less structured, the hierarchical projects, start and due dates, contexts, notes and other aspects of this feature-rich app can easily keep the busiest people on track. Omnifocus syncs with the Mac software of the same name, for seamless access to your lists no matter where you are




Things is a full-featured to-do list manager. It syncs with a desktop Mac version, but also works fine as a standalone app. Easily manage multiple projects, and use tags to keep things organized. The Scheduled feature helps clear the clutter from your to-do lists, hiding items that you can’t complete until a certain date.





Task Paper’s simple interface is a boon to anyone prone to spending too much time fiddling with their to-do lists, and not enough time actually doing stuff. The clean iPad interface syncs with Dropbox, and since all your tasks are stored in plain-text format, you can view and edit them in without any special desktop software.




If you’re more of a pen-and-paper list-maker, Protaskinote lets you write lists on your iPad. Or sync typewritten notes with Toodledo, and access your to-dos on the web.




NoteTask’s clean interface and simple design helps keep you on top of your to-do list. Online syncing with the Simplenote web service allows you to access and update your task list across multiple devices. NoteTask also supports TextExpander, for even faster task entry.




iOS 5’s built-in Reminders app is great for simple lists. You can create unlimited lists to keep track of multiple projects, and the tight integration with iOS’ Location Services lets you set location-based reminders so that you won’t forget to buy a Phillips screwdriver the next time you walk by the hardware store.

Todo for iPad


Todo does it all, with integrated Dropbox or iCloud syncing, you’ll never miss an important task. Getting Things Done adherents will appreciate the Contexts and Tags, and the repeating task options will keep even the most complex agendas in order.




Wunderlist supports nearly every computing platform, so no matter what you use, your to-do list will be in sync. Push notifications, email reminders, priorities, and easy list sharing are all built in. The app even features custom wallpapers, so you can make the app your own (we like the wood paneling).




Workflowy’s browser-based list is essentially a never-ending sheet of virtual paper. Use it for everything from taking notes to outlining projects and creating to-do lists. Since it’s online, there’s no syncing to worry about, and you can edit from almost anywhere (as long as you have a data connection).


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